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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story Fix

8:44 PM
Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story Fixes

The games been out for a couple of weeks, and has been one of the most intricatly protected game on the DS yet.
Rom hackers have been falling over themselves trying to make the game work perfect on cards.
And to this day there is still no working fix for the lower priced R4 & DSTT carts.

Here is how to get it working for these cards:

Cyclo DS - Download firmware version 1.56 beta 3 and play with a clean rom.

Acekard 2i - Download this patched rom: Rapidshare and run with this firmware AKAIO.1.4.1

Edge DS - Activate this Cheat file and play with a clean rom and run with firmware v1.5.

Problem: Sometimes wont start even with cheat.
Fix: When the games starting just keep pressing (A) untill after the game selection.
(Some people dont need this fix, i needed it and it worked for me, it doesnt work for some people, its the luck of the draw i guess)

Problem 2: Game freezes after saving.
Fix 2: Restart your DS and load to continue.

M3i Zero, M3DS Real and maybe G6 - Use this firmware and a clean rom.

Supercard DSOne & i - Use this patch file
Put the ndspatch file in /scshell directory after unzipping.
Settings:Enable Patch, Speed Patch, Patch Saver, Enable reset & Enable DMA.

All info & Links sourced from Romulation


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