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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 (USA)

7:15 PM
Kingdom Hearts 358/2

So the game got leaked 4 days early an it's pretty muched cracked on all cards.

If you own a Cyclo or an Acekard 2i yo dont need to worry about a patch or fix if you have the 1.56 BETA 3 Firmware or AKAIO 1.5 Firmware respectivley the game will run without issue.

If you would like the clean rom download it here:
Mediafire *by Akamatsu of romulation*

Other card's require a hex edited version of the game to work *until the manufacturers put the fix into the cards firmware anyway*
You can get a pre hexed rom here:
Megaupload *by knightmare235 of romulation*

This hexed version is confirmed working on:
Edge 1.5
R4DS 1.18 + YSMenu (if you need it check my past post's for Dueler's Easy R4)
Supercard Lite
M3DS Real
It could work on other carts but i don't know for sure.

Info sourced from: Romulation


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