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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver English Patched

7:55 PM
Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver English Patched

The 2 games came out a little while ago with issues up the wahzoo.
And since then its been fixed for a bunch of cards and english translations have been started.
So im gonna patch and upload both of the games for you guys to use.

Patch Info:
The current patch version is 5.
It has all the menu's and items translated as well as a bunch of other stuff.
A bunch of key plot elements are translated up to the first gym but not much after that.

Download: Password for all files is dueler

Soul Silver v5:

Heart Gold v5:

Twin Pack v5:

Info Sourced from user KAZOwar Source

Ive decided not to continue updating this, KAZOwar has decided not to do any more dial0g translations so i dont see a point to even patching it anymore.
As of now V6 is available tho, go to the source page and patch it yourself if you really want it. Its useless tho.


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