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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chrono Trigger

7:56 PM
Ive never really been into chrono trigger the way most people have, when i was younger and it came out on SNES i was too young to really understand it and was more interested in easier games, Also when it came back out for Playstation it was an afterthought because it was just an old game trying to ride the success of the Playstation.
Of course now that I'm of ripe mind and have gained a liking for RPG type games and the fact that it has be re-re-released on DS i figured it was a perfect time for me to give the game a fair shot.
I have in the past tried to give it a go but was either too busy with other things or just got plain bored before anything really happened.

So anyway i set out on the magical coveted world appraised adventure of Chrono Trigger.
What was my overall verdict?

The whole time i was playing the game i was very bored, the plot, the battle system, the time travel, the characters... nothing did it for me.
The game was about as fun for me as cleaning my house.

Im not saying Chrono Trigger is a terrible game, im just not saying its any good.
Not one part of the game made me feel excited or wowed.

Im aware that comparing this game with the quality of todays games isn't fair.
But honestly, ive grown up with games of the nes/snes and around there generation, sure it wasnt in the rpg section but i know what games of that era had to offer.
And Chrono Trigger sadly just doesn't hold a position in my mind for that era.

Apart from the story and massivley flawed combat system... actually let me touch on that.
In the game you get Tech's, tech's are stronger then normal attacks but they use mp, therin lies the issue of when to use them or when to save them. Theres a higher tech form where 2 characters use there turn to perform a unison attack, where they both combine a tech to make a stronger combined attack. now i say a stronger combined attack but this is rarely ever the case
. Where 2 people can do 150 each with techs, you can combine and do 200-300... hows that even remotely helpful? the only time i ever found unison techs useful in the entire play through was when i was up against a bunch of weak enemies and would use Chrono's sword spin combo to take them out. But against bosses or anything above average they were completely useless as a form of stronger attack.

Anyway enough about that, i found the music to be quite bland for most of the game, during the entire game i think i might have found one tune id like to hear a remix for and thats quite sad.

I don't know what it is people see in this game, i gave it the benefit of the doubt for the longest time, but I'm just so utterly unimpressed with it now that I've given it a shot and completed it.

Maybe im just a few generations too late, but then again i love lots of games from that era that ive only played recently so .... yeah.

Anyway regardless of what i think you obviously have your own opinions, its either your shining diamond or your new coffee mug coaster.

Anyway so ends my mini review/rant :P


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