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Friday, January 23, 2009

How to use Google.

3:43 PM
Hi there, so you want to find something out, but dont know how to do it?
Your first instinct may be to ask people on the internet, this is a bad idea.
9 times out of 10 this will leave you not only without the answers you seek,
but probably rick rolled in the process.

So how do i search for things i need on the internet?

Enter your shining ray of hope.

Now if your like many other people on this place we call the internet, 
Seeing this page is both scary and confusing, but im here to hold your hand
and make sure you get through this experience without serious injury.

What you need:

To successfully use google you will need something to look up, some popular searches include but are not limited to:
and illegal downloads.

So how do i search you may be asking?

I know this seems extremely hard right now, but soon enough it will become second nature and you will be searching for porn at light speeds.

Anyway, at this point a new and daunting page appears that may look something like this:

Muster all the courage you possibly can and click one of these links.
If you cannot finish this part on your own please do not hesitate to call a friend or family member for support. Google searches have ended in fatality and having someone with you halves the risks involved.

Right now you should be on the website you want indulging yourself in information.
Or you've given up all hope and are at ends with yourself in the corner threatening to cut yourself with a razor blade.
If the latter is true, and your the friend or family member of the person reading this guide, please hit the back button on your browser and quickly try another link.
This should calm your friend/family member down.

Keep on trying till you find what your looking for.
And thats it, you should now know how to use google.

If not please check back in 2-3 months when i will be posting my in depth guide with interactive flash and videos.

Thats it... stop reading...


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