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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dueler's Top 5 DS Games.

7:09 AM
#5 Final Fantasy IV

An incredible remake of the Super Nintendo original, a must have for any final fantasy fan and RPG enthusiasts alike.

#4 Drawn to Life

A quirky game where you draw your own hero and environment, from snow ball launchers to Bobsleds, this game has it all and is fun and exciting enough to keep you coming back for more.

#3 Contra 4

An addictivley hard arcade style game in true 2d contra form. The return to 2d could not be more glorious.

#2 Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword

A fast paced adventure starring Ryu Hayabusa of the dragon lineage, master a wide range of moves to gain advantages over your oponents and master magic spells to aid you in battle.

#1  Elite Beat Agents

An absolute GEM, Elite Beat Agents is a highly addictive rhythm action game that kicks your ass just enough to keep you hooked, the gameplay is simple yet effective and most of the songs are great. Definatley #1 on my list.


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    i really need it patched please plz plz plz ..............


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