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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dueler's Easy R4 v1.0

1:45 PM
My pre ready R4 folder.
Extract the files inside the folder to your memory stick.

File size = 32.4mb

R4 Firmware 1.18
Moonshell 2.0 Beta5 English

Latest cheat files Last updated: 30/1/09
-To download the lastest cheat files check and download the CHEAT.dat and replace with the one in the _system_ folder.

12 R4 Themes.
Easy to use folder setup, with necessary info inside each folder.
2 High Quality Homebrew adventure book games Lone Wolf DS

And last but not least YSmenu.
Run it just like a normal .nds rom and it will load up another firmware.
All without changing anything!
YSmenu has better game compatability too.

Anyway here you are happy downloading:

Download from Sendspace
Download from
Download from Megaupload

If you have any problems with the files themselves please leave me a comment.


  1. Hi Dueler!

    It's Alex, we were chating last night and you recommended I download your Easy R4. I did and I followed your instructions (formatting the MicroSD, etc) but as soon as I turn it on it says: "Couldn't find the _DS_MENU.DAT" and then nothing... I have to shut down. Can you help me?

    (I'm in the Chatango) now

  2. Alex problems stemmed from his extractor not completly extracting the files, the files are all there.


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