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Friday, February 6, 2009

[DS] Playing this week.

12:38 AM
Hotel Dusk - Room 215

This game is easily my most favourite game in a long time.
Your put in the shoes of ex cop Kyle Hyde who's looking for any trace of his old partner Bradley who double crossed the police force 3 years ago.
A part time door to door salesmen and finder of things that usually get lost.
Your job brings you to a hotel full of secrets just waiting to be explored.
Does this hotel hold the answers you seek?

The gameplay is much like an old school point and click adventure, you tap on points of interest to find items and information needed to progress through the story.
I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves a good mystery or who was a fan of lucas arts back in the day, the feeling is a bit nostalgic.

Big Bang Mini

Story? There isn't one, this is pure game shiny lights and glitter.

Using your stylus you fling fireworks towards objects on the top screen, at the same time you have to use your stylus to move around your little ship to avoid obstacles and shrapnel left behind by things on the top screen and even missed shots.
It's simple, fun and addicting, give it a blast.


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