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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To-Do List Reviews

7:47 AM
Here is my second batch of mini reveiws for the games ive finished on my to do list.


Played on: PC
Style: FPS

F.E.A.R is one of those games that attempt to scare the shit out of you.
If youve played anything along the lines of Silent Hill or Resident Evil, this will be a very tame experience.
I really only jumped at 1 point in the game and that was out of surprise not out of horror.
The gameplay is allright, nothing special tho. You are able to slow down time and take more precise shots, pretty much removing any challenge from the game.
So all in all, it's a time waster.. but its nothing to be raving about.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz

Console: Wii
Style: Tilt World

This is the first Monkey Ball game ive played, and while i was expecting a cute adventure filled with clever world based puzzles, precise tilt control and overall originality...
I was actually served up a game that was extremly dull and all around annoying.
The biggest gripes i have with the game is the stiff animation of characters and by far the most annoying feature is the credits, they roll every time you beat a chapter, the credits take about 6 minutes to roll, and after the first time you can skip it, but why make it come up at all? a chapter takes about 5 minutes, WHY WOULD I NEED TO WATCH IT EVERY 5 MINUTES?
Sigh, there is some fun boss fights, but camera problems ruin them.
All in all id say forget about this game, it aint worth your golden bananas.

Final Fantasy III

Console: Nintendo DS
Style: RPG

Final Fantasy III, what a great game.
Stupid American response: Omg yeah i just love Terra!
I'm talking about the real Final Fantasy III.
The story goes 4 warriors of light or dark are chosen to restore the balance between the two conflicting forces whenever one starts to over power the other.
In Final Fantasy III it is the dark that is overpowering the light, so in turn 4 warriors of light are chosen. Enter Luneth, Arc, Refia and Ingus our four warriors of light.
It's our task to gather the power of the 4 elemental crystals and eliminate the threat of darkness.
Final Fantasy III is by no means original in today's standards, and it would be a hard feat considering its a remake of a NES game.
But even saying so it holds alot more originality then alot of the other RPG's ive played on the Nintendo DS.
The game's environments have been beautifully recreated and the musical score re-recorded.
All in all this is one fantastic tribute to the game that originally never made it outside of japan.
Play it, Beat it, Love it.

Tales of Monkey Island™ Episode 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal

Played on: PC
Style: Point & Click Adventure

If you were a gamer in the mid 80's and 90's chances are you were hooked on 1 genre, the point and click adventure genre dominated by lucasarts and there revolutionary scumm engine.
Games like Sam & Max, Full throtlle and Loom would have been among your favourite titles.
But one series more then others would gain more attention and subsequently have 4 games in the series. The Monkey Island™ series of course.
Combining it's witty humour, unconventional puzzles and all around greatness this series became Lucasarts P&C Flagship.
So now its 2009, and the last Monkey Island™ game we saw was pretty bad, the first outing to 3D was not the best of attempts, but here comes Monkey Island™ 5 to bring the series back to what it should have been.
The game is fantastic, it is absolutley everything i wanted Monkey Island™ 4 to be.
Im litterally sitting here hoping the next 4 months will fly by so i can finish the entire thing.
As with the previously released sam n max games this is coming out in episodic format, meaning 1 episode of the game per month, each episode lasting around 4 hours.
I cant wait to play the rest. Play it, youll love it.

Koroinpa Marble Madness

Console: Wii
Style: Tilt World

For quite a while ive been wanting to play this game.
It looked fun, the unlockable marbles looked quite adorable and the levels looked challenging.
While none of these fully met my expectations the game as a whole is still pretty good.
The one thing that really drag's it down tho is the control, it's not precise enough.
And the way you need to hold the controller is quite annoying. They should have you hold it sideways not pointed at the screen.
Anyway all in all i can say, yeah its probably worth the money.
Let's just hope they addressed the control issues in the sequel.

The Legend of Zelda

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Played on: Virtual Console
Style: Action Adventure

Ahh the original Zelda.
The game that re wrote what video games could do.
The game that gave us the ability to save without passwords.
This is one game everyone should finish atleast once.
Your hand isnt held as you adventure on, your simple given a character and left in the middle of nowhere to figure it out all on your own.
Get the sword, defeat the boss, save the princess, your destiny awaits.


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