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Monday, July 6, 2009

To-Do list Reviews

1:18 PM
SO i figured while i have my games to do list, i might as well reveiw some of the games i finish at the end of the week *or two weeks if i dont finish many in one week*
So ya here we go.

Super Mario Bros

Console: NES
Played on: Wii Virtual Console

Ahhh a classic, this is one game ive never actually tried to finish, its one of those pick up and waste 30 minutes kind of games, but hey its on my list so i had to stick to it till the end.
Sure was good saving that princess, and id suggest it to anyone looking for a good hour to waste.
Even if you take the short road:
1-1, 1-2 (WZ), 4-1, 4-2 (WZ), 8-1, 8-2, 8-3, 8-4.

Lego Star Wars

Console: Wii

Well.. its certainly lego... and definatley star wars...
Theres not much to say here.. the games boring and bland...
I do have 1 good thing to say about it tho, since the world of lego has no voices.... JARJAR SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! :D ^_^
So ya.... id not suggest this game to anyone, but it could be alright as a time waster.

Deadly Creatures

Console: Wii

Let me just say firstly that this is one of the best games ive played on Wii.
It does have it's hiccups like camera sticking and being a bit linear but hey, thats what needed to be done. One big hiccup tho, is the ending cinematic, it looks like a badly upscaled test version of an ending... its terrible.... anyway.
You run around as a spider and a scorpian through what seems to be a waste dump of sorts.
You fight bugs, rodents, insects with some pretty awesome looking moves.
The music can be a bit dull but hey, the fighting and exploration is beautiful so ill forgive that :P
Definatley give this game a run through, you wont regret it.


Console: Nes
Played on: Wii Virtual Console

One of the hardest games ive ever played, hard in simplicity.
Some of the bosses in this game will kick the shit out of you over and over and over (Igor and The Creature, Death, Dracula's 2nd form) and youll have to begin 3 levels back then reach them again just to get your ass handed to you again.
Its hard, but fun. A challenge is a good thing and as rare as it is for people to finish this game without cheats / save states i implore everyone to do it. It is very very satisfying.

Rhythm Heaven

Console: NDS

This game is a fun little time waster, some of the tracks are just a tad bit anal about your rhythms and it tends to ruin the experience, ill probably never touch this game again. Let's hope they work out the kinks in Rhythm Heaven 2.


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