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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

[Wii] Tales of Monkey Island™

2:31 PM
That's right fans of the Monkey Island™ franchise lucasarts are partnering again with telltale *the guys who did the popular sam n max episodic games* to do the same for Monkey Island™.

Tales of Monkey Island™ set for 5 episodes with the first to be released on WiiWare on july 7th.

It will star Guybrush on a quest to stop an outbreak of voodoo pox that turns pirates into monsters.

I don't know about anyone else but i am a massive fan of Monkey Island™ and this news was like orgasm's to my eardrums.
And this possibly might get the guns ready for a new official Monkey Island™ release.
Personally if they do make a Monkey Island™ 5 i would hope they do so in animation and not 3D. 4 was definatly my least favourite of them all.

Anyway im excited, if you loved the games be sure to get some wii points and support it.
We need a return of point and click games. WE NEED IT!


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