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Friday, April 17, 2009

ScummVM DS

3:03 PM

"ScummVM is an interpreter that allows you to play many point and click adventure games from the 80s and 90s on modern computers.

ScummVM runs games from Lucasarts that were created using the SCUMM system (hence the name) but it has also been expanded to run games from many other developers too."

So there you have it, ScummVM lets you play old P&C games like Monkey Island 1 & 2, Day of the tentacle and many other greats.

Recently an update by AgentQ has allowed for ScummVM DS to access more ram via a slot-2 ram expansion pack such as the EZ Flash 3in1.

This allows memory heavy games like Full Throttle and The Dig(Still bugged) to run.

You can get ScummVM DS Here
ScummVM DS 0.11.1 a-h

Youll need build j to play Full Throttle and The dig which you can get here:
ScummVM DS 0.13.1 j

Note: You will need to DLDI patch each build of scummvm so that it works correctly for your flash cart.

I will try to put up a link to my pal EvilRon's 4shared folder, he has 5 games converted for ScummVM DS that you can download such as:
The Secret of Monkey Island
Zak McKracken
Maniac Mansion
Indiana Jones
Download Here

If your looking for full throttle i suggest installing a torrent program like utorrent or Vuze. Download: Torrent
IF you download the version i just linked, just copy all the files in the Resource folder to your Micro SD in a folder called Full Throttle.


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