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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dueler's Easy R4 v1.3

12:22 AM

My pre ready R4 folder.

Extract the files inside the folder to your memory stick.

File size = 46mb
Uncompressed = 94mb


Instructions / Changelog.

R4 Firmware 1.18

Moonshell 2.0 Beta 8.2. Updated!
 - R4TF.nds added allowing you to return to the R4 firmware without having to reset the DS.

Discworld Ebooks.
 - 36 novels and 5 short storys. Also included a discworld reading order.
 - A painting / drawing program on the ds, this has watch functionality so you can watch what you draw after youve done it, the website also allows you to share art with other drawers and watch how they draw.

Latest cheat files: 03_04_09 Updated!
 - In addition the USRCHEAT.dat contained has the GTA Game+Wifi fix not available in the latest cheat files. *As of time of writing that is*
- To download the lastest cheat files check and download the CHEAT.dat and replace with the one in the _system_ folder.

12 R4 Themes.

Easy to use folder setup, with necessary info inside each folder. Updated!
 - Unneeded folders set to hide and no longer display in the menu.

A High Quality Homebrew adventure book game Lone Wolf DS.

Added SNEmulDS, a Super Nintendo emulator.

IrcDS, homebrew that lets you access IRC chats through wifi.

And last but not least YSmenu. Updated!
 - Updated to latest version and added custom librarys to make it load alot faster.
 - Updated theme.
Run it just like a normal .nds rom and it will load up another firmware.
All without changing anything!
YSmenu has better game compatability too.

Anyway here you are happy downloading:

Download from Sendspace
Download from Megaupload

If you have any problems with the files themselves please leave me a comment.



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