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Monday, February 16, 2009

Retro Game Challenge

12:25 AM

Retro Game Challenge is a new hit in my books,
It brings you back to a time when 16bit and midi music was the bomb,
Back when the internet was too slow so everyone bought games magazines.
Day's long gone.

So anyway story goes this guy here:

hes sent you back to his childhood to complete challenges he did back when he was young.
The catch being that if you cant do it youll never get back to your time.

There's a variety of games and challenges that keep the game fresh as it goes along.

Along the way your new friend, the nemesis when he was young supplys you with tips and magazines with cheats and hints.

This game really is all about putting you back in the day where gaming was fresh and exciting, and may i say its done a fantastic job at that.

So whether or not you are a Retro games fan or not, i highly recommend picking up Retro Game Challenge.
Then maybe you too can become a pro gamer ;)


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